PUMA and Distinct Life Unite with Slum Village for Exclusive Collection

Amidst the buzz surrounding Hip Hop’s momentous 50th anniversary, passionate debates have emerged about the true legends and influencers who have shaped the genre’s trajectory. In the heart of Detroit, real Hip Hop enthusiasts recognize the indelible mark left by the iconic group Slum Village—a tale that demands acknowledgment. Now, Puma, in collaboration with Detroit-based boutique Distinct Life, is presenting Slum Village with a grand gesture of appreciation.

Titled “Fabric of Hip-Hop: Slum Village Fantastic Vol. 2,” this collection is a standout piece within the “Detroit Inspires the World” series, spearheaded by the visionary visual artist and Director of Distinct Life, Rick Williams. The collection features two stylish t-shirts and a customized pair of Puma suedes, meticulously designed to honor the group’s name and their iconic album title, Vol. 2. Notably, the signature Horizon camo from Distinct Life adorns the shoe’s insole, back, and lace tips, adding a touch of urban authenticity.

The unique charm of the collection lies in its attention to detail. Each element, from the choice of colors to the design motifs, has been meticulously crafted to resonate with the essence of Slum Village’s music and Detroit’s cultural heritage. The sneakers feature cutting-edge PUMA technology, ensuring optimal comfort and performance, while the apparel boasts stylish cuts and premium fabrics for a fashionable yet authentic urban look.

The collaboration between Puma and Slum Village holds a deeper significance. As torchbearers of Hip Hop’s legacy, Slum Village’s profound love and expertise for the art form align perfectly with Puma’s own rich history as a cornerstone of Hip Hop culture since the late 80s. This union pays tribute to Detroit’s Hip Hop heritage and emphasizes the enduring influence of both the group and the brand in shaping the culture we celebrate today.

Initially comprising three members, including the late producer-rapper J Dilla and Baatin, T3 stands as the sole remaining original member of Slum Village. Presently, T3 is accompanied by producer Young RJ, who became part of the lineup in 2012. Renowned for their chart-topping hits like “Tantied” and “Selfish,” the group beautifully preserves the distinctive sound and legacy of J Dilla, evoking an infectious feeling in their music. Despite facing both tragedies and triumphs, the group remains steadfast, continuously pushing boundaries, and keeping the irresistible Slum Village sound alive and thriving.

The release couldn’t have been timed better, as Slum Village is currently riding a wave of success. Their remarkable journey has led to numerous appearances in shows, interviews, and collaborations, including a new standout track titled “Just Like You,” featuring the local rap sensation Larry June. This banging single also boasts the legendary presence of the group, the Dramatics. Infusing the signature feel-good underground Detroit Hip Hop sound that fans have come to cherish, the new release has been gaining remarkable traction and acclaim in the music world.

The song is anticipated to be included in Slum Village’s upcoming album, marking their first project in eight years.

Apart from being a tribute to Slum Village’s influence on the music industry, the collaboration also reflects the commitment of PUMA and DISTINCT LIFE to support and uplift local communities. By showcasing the artistry of Detroit and its contribution to hip-hop, the collection aims to inspire a new generation of artists and creators to keep pushing boundaries and exploring their artistic potential.

The group along with Williams will be joining Michigan Chronicle on Friday August 4 at 11am  to discuss the collab and what this moment means to them. Watch live on Facebook and YouTube.

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