Public Lighting Authority of Detroit Install Historically Styled Street Lights

The Public Lighting Authority of Detroit (PLA) and the Sherwood Forest Association announced today they have signed a contract under which the PLA will install historically styled street lights in the Sherwood Forest neighborhood as part of its installation of new LED street lights in the neighborhood.
Under the agreement, the neighborhood association will provide the additional funds that are needed to cover the difference in cost between the standard light pole being installed in other parts of the city and the historically styled poles that will be used in the neighborhood.  The poles were chosen by the association. The agreement was reached under a PLA program that accommodates neighborhoods who want to choose an alternate pole and pay the difference in cost.
“As we install new LED lights and poles throughout Detroit, we are working with neighborhood associations to assure they know the options they have in terms of changing the poles that will be used in their neighborhood,” said PLA CEO Odis Jones.  “The Sherwood Forest Association leadership came to us and indicated they wanted to upgrade their light poles and were willing to take on the challenge of raising the additional funds.  Their success speaks to the energy and enthusiasm they put into the effort.”
Sherwood Forest Association President Maurice Telesford said the agreement “demonstrates the commitment of our neighbors, community members and the PLA to maintain the aesthetic integrity of one of Detroit’s most historic neighborhoods.  The PLA was incredibly helpful in enabling us to find a light that worked for our neighborhood.  Their guidance combined with the outpouring of support and contributions to our fundraising campaign have brought us to this monumental accomplishment.”
Jones said work on installing the new poles is expected to begin in October and be completed by the end of the year.  The installation process begins with an engineering survey of the neighborhood, followed by the preparation of engineering plans to install and operate the lights, followed by the actual installation of the lights.
As the PLA rebuilds the City’s street lighting system, it has a goal of completing all neighborhoods by the end of 2015.  The installation, which began in January, already has passed the 19,000 mark and is significantly ahead of schedule.  Work on thoroughfares, which use underground wiring, will be completed by the end of 2016.  Approximately 65,000 new LED lights will be installed in the city during the next two years.
The LED lights being installed in neighborhoods are the lighting equivalent of 150 watt High Pressure Sodium lights, twice as bright as the 75 watt High Pressure Sodium lights that have been the standard in the past.

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