Picture Me Droning Celebrates Black History Month with Soaring Murals on Puzzles

Picture Me Droning, led by licensed drone pilot Ryan Bridges, announces the launch of two captivating puzzles honoring Black History Month. These exclusive pieces, aptly named “Gratiot Avenue” and “Auburn Avenue,” offer breathtaking aerial views of murals dedicated to civil rights icons Rosa Parks and John Lewis, respectively.

“Combining my passion for drone photography with historic locations and impactful art creates truly unique puzzles,” says Bridges. “I’m thrilled to showcase the incredible legacies of Parks and Lewis alongside the vibrant architecture of Detroit and Atlanta through these limited-edition pieces.”

Soar above vibrant streetscapes and piece together history:

  • Gratiot Avenue: Witness the Rosa Parks mural in Detroit, a powerful symbol of her unwavering fight for equality.
  • Auburn Avenue: Capture the inspiring John Lewis mural in Atlanta, commemorating his dedication to social justice.

Each puzzle measures 12×18 inches and caters to both puzzle enthusiasts and novices with 99 and 336 piece options.

Commemorate and Connect:

Available now at https://www.etsy.com/shop/picturemedroningshop, these puzzles offer a unique way to celebrate Black History Month while supporting a local business.

Following the success of their first two puzzles, “Greetings from Detroit” and “Power to the People,” Picture Me Droning continues to celebrate cultural heritage and artistic expression. Join them in commemorating the achievements of remarkable individuals and the cities they helped shape.

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