Phantom Rapper Your Old Droog Serenades Tamron Hall ‘On the News’ (Listen)


The phantom rapper known as Your Old Droog is at it again.

This time he serenaded MSNBC/Today Show host Tamron Hall with the song “On the News.”

The rapper — who some believe is Nas — revealed he’s in awe of Hall and dedicated the love song to her. Yeah, whoever it is has it bad for Hall.  Just read the lyrics of the song below.

“Got me going so bezerk they be stressing me at work / And my girlfriend wants to irk, stress relaxation on some oxymoron / Get alone and put channel four on / Who do I see, my baby dressed tight looking right,” he rapped.

Hall responded to the song and the “compliments” via Twitter. She re-tweeted the link to the song and replied with, “Thx??”

Nevertheless no one knows if hall is really impressed or creeped out about the ode to her. But many folks would agree the mysterious rapper is dead on about Hall.


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