Pat Houston hospitalized after suicide scare

Whitney Houston‘s sister-in-law Pat Houston wrote a Facebook status that suggested she was about to commit suicide, but when police and paramedics arrived to her Alpharetta, Georgia home, she claimed it was all a misunderstanding, reports TMZ.

Pat Houston, known for being the brains behind the family’s foray into reality television and Whitney Houston’s right-hand woman, posted on her Facebook page:

“Sometimes you just feel like giving up on life and its many challenges. And for the first time in my life…I’m tired…and I want to finally rest. I love you guys.”

TMZ has more:

Sources tell us several family members saw the post and were immediately concerned … they began calling and texting Pat but got no answer. Then they went to her house, found her passed out in bed next to a pill bottle … and decided to call 911.

We’re told as soon as cops arrived, Pat woke up and explained she had simply taken pain medication for her back, turned off her phone and then gone to sleep — unaware so many people were trying to contact her.

We’re told Pat informed everyone … she was never suicidal, the Facebook post was a result of stress.

Law enforcement tells us, Pat was taken to the hospital — as a preventative measure — and released a short time later.

As previously reported by NewsOne, Houston made waves when she blamed singer Ray J for Whitney’s spiral that ultimately led to her death:

“If things hadn’t changed. But things were changing, things were really changing with her — very much so. It wasn’t about substance abuse relative to the latter days. I was afraid for other things … [her] lifestyle. “I saw her chasing a dream — looking for love in all the wrong places.”

It is highly unlikely that Houston didn’t know how her status would be taken and we hope she gets the help she needs before the next time is more than just a scare.

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