Now Is A Time To Trust Leadership

By Rev. Horace L. Sheffield III

It’s history — for better or worse. Right now, Michigan is in a history-defining moment. How this happened, whether we responded soon enough or why are African Americans disproportionately impacted are all issues that warrant observation and correction; but they don’t warrant the same consideration as to how to save our lives.

The medical experts all agree this virus is so dangerous because any of us can be carrying it before we experience symptoms. I know because I had the coronavirus. I went to New York when I was warned not to and a few weeks after my return I was diagnosed with COVID-19. I never really experienced any symptoms and yet I potentially exposed my wife, family, friends, and colleagues some that have since tested positive. Had I considered the advice I was given, I could have at least saved myself and my family the harsh recovery of the last several weeks.

The press briefings, news outlets and social media posts sometimes have us on information overload. It is important to use critical thinking and research credible source such as the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) to decipher what information is relevant and accurate as we work to abate this pandemic. Many cities, towns, and municipalities are experiencing the effects of COVID-19 in a way that is very different from other parts of the country. Now is the time to trust our state leadership to provide more targeted solutions that impact our local economy and community. Michiganders are doing a great job in following Governor Whitmer’s guidelines. We need to stay the course. While the federal government is searching far and wide for a remedy to the virus, the one universally agreed-upon remedy to stop the spread is to stay home and save lives.


Rev. Horace L. Sheffield III is the Pastor of New Destiny Christian Fellowship Church and the Executive Director of The Detroit Association of Black Organizations

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