NFL Draft Prep Leads to More Downtown Road Closures

With the NFL Draft just around the corner, downtown Detroit is getting a bit of a makeover, meaning a few more “Road Closed” signs are popping up. It’s all part of the game plan to welcome the big event, but don’t worry, we’ve got the inside scoop to help you dodge the detours and still enjoy the downtown vibe. Keep in mind that the highly anticipated 2024 NFL Draft is set to bring a wave of excitement and hundreds of thousands of visitors to our downtown area, so, here is an update on how to get around town.

Starting Monday, April 8th, at 9 AM, Phase 2 of road closures will commence, which will continue until May 5th at 11:59 PM. These closures will encompass vital areas around Campus Martius and the south side of the NFL Draft Theater space, specifically:

  • Northbound Woodward Avenue from Congress Street to State Street,
  • Eastbound Cadillac Square from Woodward Avenue to Randolph Street,
  • Westbound Cadillac Square from Randolph Street to Bates Street,
  • Bates Street from Cadillac Square to East Congress Street.

It’s crucial to remember that these adjustments follow the already in-place Phase 1 closures that began on Friday, March 29th and will last until May 7th, affecting:

  • Randolph Street between Monroe Street and Fort Street,
  • Monroe Street between Woodward Avenue and Randolph Street,
  • Farmer Street between Randolph and Bates (Garage access only),
  • Bates Street (no through traffic).

To ensure continued access to key areas, the Q-Line will maintain service to the Congress Street station through April 12th.

Organizers have been actively engaging with local businesses and residents to discuss these changes and are ready to address any questions. Further information on subsequent phases, including the closures around E. Jefferson for the NFL Draft Experience at Hart Plaza, will be announced well in advance.

For real-time updates on road closures and all things NFL Draft, we encourage you to visit,, or use the NFL One Pass app, Google Maps, and Waze. With the NFL Draft being a free event, registering on the NFL One Pass app will enhance your experience.

As the city anticipates NFL Draft preparations, you’ll notice downtown adorned with NFL team banners and transformer boxes painted with jerseys of Detroit’s sports legends, adding to the festive atmosphere.

Comprehensive transportation updates, including vehicle parking details and alternate transportation options like DDOT, RTA, SMART, Q-Line, People Mover, Rideshare, and more, are provided to assist fans and residents alike.

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