Those are the wise words local gospel sensation Kierra Sheard shared with ESSENCE Magazine.
Sheard, daughter to legendary gospel artist Karen Clark-Sheard, shared her heart with the magazine on how she waded through the sometimes murky dating scene as a single woman who wanted to be married. Now as a newly married woman herself (she married her love Jordan Kelly in December) she shared her relatable story on the struggle.
“Like the moment I dated somebody I was like, ‘Okay, how’s he going to be my husband?’” she tells ESSENCE. “I was looking for something that wasn’t yet assigned for me to look for in my life. I made a boyfriend a husband. I was giving him wife-like tendencies.”


That time in her life is one of the many moments Sheard discusses in her new memoir, Big Bold & Beautiful: Owning the Woman God Made You to Be, which was recently released. Her book has a portion (in chapter 12) “Successfully Single,” dedicated on transforming from just looking at being a wife to becoming a better woman.

“Successfully single is being in your bag, not worried about no man or living for a man that is not there yet,” she said in the magazine, adding that she learned to no longer wait for a man to do certain things like travel or enjoy her life.

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