“My Keys Please: Empowering Homeownership” – Free Housing Seminar on June 29

Courtesy of Abayomi Community Development Corporation

Abayomi Community Development Corporation (Abayomi CDC) is excited to share the details of an upcoming event called “My Keys Please: Empowering Homeownership,” which will take place on June 29. This transformative and free housing seminar is designed to equip aspiring homeowners and second-time buyers with the essential knowledge and resources to make well-informed decisions about investing in their future.

Through this event, Abayomi CDC is taking a significant step to address the disparity in homeownership rates, promote economic empowerment, and support generational wealth creation. This initiative is a collective effort aiming to provide attendees with the tools and insights to navigate the housing market confidently and responsibly, thereby strengthening our community.

Hannah Morris, the Director of Abayomi Community Development Corporation, has exciting plans for future homeowners. She is organizing informative workshops to provide invaluable insights into homeownership. Participants can also expect to learn about valuable financial resources to help them achieve their dream of owning a home. Additionally, Abayomi CDC has arranged special giveaways to make the journey toward homeownership even more rewarding.

“Bank of America and First Merchants Bank are our partners; we have relationships with Huntington Bank, PNC Bank, and Flagstar. We act as a liaison to our clients so that they can receive the benefits that some of these banks have and don’t have to come out of pocket so much,” Morris said.

For over twenty years, Abayomi CDC has steadfastly aimed to empower and uplift the City of Detroit and its surrounding areas. Their commitment is not just about improving the socio-economic landscape; it’s about elevating the well-being of every individual, adult, and family. Through comprehensive community-building initiatives, striving to elevate the standard of living and foster personal growth, aiming to bolster dignity and personal accomplishments for all community members.

One of the key highlights of the upcoming seminar is HUD-Certified Homebuyer Education, where attendees can gain valuable insights and knowledge from industry experts to help them navigate the homebuying process. Upon completion, attendees will receive a certificate that can be used towards down payment assistance, providing future homebuyers with tangible support on their homebuying journey.

At the Housing Resource Fair, attendees can receive tailored support and advice throughout homebuying. The event provides an opportunity for individuals to connect with a range of professionals, including lenders, real estate agents, and housing experts. The aim is to address the unique needs of each homebuyer and ensure that they feel appreciated and empowered as they navigate their homebuying journey.

“Our speaker is in the development space, and she knows not only from a development viewpoint but from a lender viewpoint and some of the different pathways of how we can make our money work for us once we buy that house,” Morris said.

Kristy Love, the Program Coordinator of Abayomi CDC, emphasized the organization’s commitment to raising awareness about the various funding and information resources that are accessible in the housing market.

“The biggest thing we’re looking to see is people take advantage of the resources being offered in the community. I know that that’s just been a thing with nonprofit organizations like ours is making sure that the community knows about these resources,” Love says.


Saturday, June 29, 2024
Abayomi Community Development Corporation
24331 West Eight Mile Rd. Detroit, MI 48219 (located within New St. Mark Baptist Church)
Registration: Free for all participants | $100 for vendors
Registration ends Friday, June 28th

For more information and how to register, visit www.abayomicdc.org/mykeysplease


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