Murder/suicide Perpetrator Earl Hayes Couldn’t Get Over Wife’s Trey Songz Affair

trey songz stephanie moseley earl hayes
As far as the Earl Hayes/Stephanie Moseley murder/suicide is concerned, the drama won’t stop.
Earlier we told you about Mayweather being on FaceTime with Hayes when things went south between the couple.
Now we’re hearing that Hayes, who shot Moseley before shooting himself, couldn’t get past the fact that she had cheated on him multiple times. One of her flings that he couldn’t forgive her for was with singer Trey Songz, according to TMZ:

Sources connected with Hayes tell us … around 2 years ago he separated from Stephanie because of what he says was her affair with Songz. They got back together but, as one friend put it, “He was crushed and never got over it.” We’re told he frequently brought up Songz.
Hayes accused Moseley of having multiple affairs with various other entertainers. She was a backup dancer who worked with numerous famous singers, including Chris Brown and Usher, but we’re told Hayes never mentioned them as a source of conflict.

Hayes and Moseley married in 2008 and his friends say he loved her and tried rationalizing staying together.
So far Trey Songz hasn’t responded to  requests for a comment, but on Monday night he posted the message below to his Twitter accoung.

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