Mother’s Day 2021: Millennial Moms in Business    

These high-achieving mothers are bossing up this Mother’s Day and beyond.

Photos courtesy of Jonique’ Pharr, Danielle Dunham, and Sadé Harper, 


Motherhood comes with its own set of ups and downs, but when you couple it with running a household alone or with the help of a partner and a full-time business, it is taken to a new level. These moms have shown why they deserve to be honored for holding down the home and the office. CEOs in their own right, these moms are making the work/life balance look easy. 


Sadé Harper, 34 

One son, Kaleb, 7 

Founder of Sold By Sadé 

Realtor and Real Estate Investor 


Best Mom Advice: Carving out time for your kids is the most important part. It seems like some days I wake up and all I’m doing is working and the next day, I’ll look up and be like where did you learn that from? I have to make sure I’m spending that time with my baby. 

Most Lit Parental Moment: When I see this boy acting like me! There are several different things but watching him develop over time into his own person has just been like, oh my God. It’s almost like being a child again. I get to relive my childhood again with him and it’s fun. 

Celebrity Parenting Style: I’m a cross between Tasha Mack (The Game) and Claire Huxtable. 


Jonique’ Pharr, 34 

Two children: Son and daughter 

Founder and CEO of J.Inspirations 



Best Mom Advice: Make sure you allow time for yourself. It can be challenging balancing everything and we find ourselves pouring into so many different areas in our lives; thus, needing to replenish ourselves. You can’t give what you don’t have so be intentional about giving yourself a moment so you can continue to be present and productive. 

Most Lit Parental Moment: The most rewarding moment I’ve had in parenting is when my husband was conducting a mock interview with our five-year-old son for school. He had to ask him a series of questions and one of the questions he asked was “Who is your best friend?” Without a pause to think, he immediately answered “momma.” I ran in from the kitchen with the biggest smile on my face and responded aww Pooh, you’re my best friend too. With my beautiful daughter, my most rewarding moment aside from all of her milestones is when she said mama instead of dada first. 

Celebrity Parenting Style: Rebecca Pearson (NBC’s This Is Us) 


Danielle Dunham, 33 

One daughter 

EXP Realty and Sold by Danielle 



Best Mom Advice: As a single mother juggling a high demand career the best advice I can give is to find balance, include them in your world and make schedules. 

Most Lit Parental Moment: The most rewarding experience in parenting is watching my daughter grow up. I see so much of myself in her. I love to see her figure things out and learn new things. I have seen her work through certain situations, and I am in awe daily. 

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