Moms Club in metro Detroit to host first annual workshop

Moms Club will host their first annual workshop on March 15 from 3 to 5 pm at the Garden Theater located in Midtown. The workshop topic: “Teaching our children about self-esteem, self-image and peer pressure,” will be conducted by licensed therapist, adjunct professor and performing arts coach Loretta Morman, and author, international speaker, college professor, mentor, political advisor, teacher and radio and TV correspondent on CBS/CW 50, Dr. Eddie Connor Jr.
“Today’s alarming data in youth suicide is not only scary but detrimental to our youth. Society and media make it very difficult for children to understand who they are. It is our job as parents to be our children’s first source of reinforcement,” said Moms Club founder Jessica Byrd. “We must really cultivate our children’s feelings. It takes more than the schools, it starts at their toddler years.”
Dr. Eddie Connor Jr. will speak to mothers with sons about what it means to be an African-American male in today’s forever changing society. Morman will work closely with mothers with daughters regarding social comparison and self-image. This is a free workshop, but you must RSVP to attend. They should be submitted to
Moms Club LLC is an organization created to implement an uplifting support network for young mothers. Moms Club equips mothers with the tools and necessities to become better parents, which promotes a better society.
Moms Club monthly gatherings include playdates to encourage social skills and exposure; workshops to help mothers with issues in today’s society; children free dates to engage mothers by surrounding themselves with a positive and encouraging network; and live events to promote motherhood and engage today’s mothers.
For more information please contact Jessica Byrd at

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