Mind Yourself: Maintaining Mental Health Amidst The COVID-19 Crisis

From long days of social isolation at home to working on the front line, the mental health challenges of the coronavirus pandemic have taken a toll on all ages.

“I’m actually scared for my life,” said Diamond Crawford, 22, of Detroit. “I have witnessed my close friends lose their family due to this virus. I personally have family that lost their jobs, and last week my co-worker tested positive for COVID-19. The world is suffering right now. It’s more than a virus, just the thought of it is messing with our mental health.”

Crawford says she has anxiety due to the pandemic. “I literally shake when I have to go out for essential things,” she explained. “I make sure that I have on a face mask, gloves, and I practice social distancing, but I suffer from anxiety attacks once I get into my car. I don’t want to be one of the next number of COVID-19 cases on the news.”

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