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As a generation, millennials are facing unique, systemic financial obstacles, including higher student loan debts, a tough job market, and more. This can leave them feeling overwhelmed. Almost two-thirds of millennials say they live paycheck to paycheck. Studies show that African American millennials consistently report significantly greater economic vulnerability than whites and Asian Americans. As a result, many are delaying traditional adulthood milestones, including homeownership. The reality is that for many millennials, the American Dream feels out of reach.

GreenPath Financial Wellness has partnered with the Michigan Chronicle for the six-installment Millennial Money series designed to help millennials become better stewards of their finances. On January 14, 2021, we’ll host a Facebook Live discussion to address the unique financial challenges of millennials, and provide practical, actionable advice and tools on managing personal finances and securing a path to financial freedom.

The first installment will run in the Michigan Chronicle and online at on December 16. Sign up to receive the content direct to your inbox!

Visit to learn about the financial counseling services available from the national nonprofit GreenPath Financial Wellness.


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