Michigan/Canadian Council of Bishops Endorses Hill Harper for Senate, Pamela Pugh for Congress

Democratic political candidates Hill Harper and Dr. Pamela Pugh received powerful support recently when the Michigan/Canadian Council of Bishops’ Political Action Committee emphatically endorsed the two candidates for their respective political races in the August 6, 2024, Primary Elections. Bishop Percy W. Henderson II chairs the Political Action Committee.

The PAC believes Hill Harper, who is running for the U.S. Senate, understands the challenging issues facing the people of Michigan and the nation.  He has a long and deep passion for public service and empowering people.  Harper graduated magna cum laude from Brown University with a bachelor’s degree in economics and sociology.  He also holds a Master of Public Administration from Harvard’s John F. Kennedy School and earned his juris doctor, cum laude, from Harvard Law School in 1992.

Harper, a single father, is committed to putting people first and addressing issues to empower their lives.  As an actor, Harper has won three NAACP Image Awards for “Best Lead Actor in a Drama Series.”  As one of two Michigan Senators, Harper vows to work tirelessly for communities, families, job opportunities, and the rights of the people.

Dr. Pamela Pugh, a strong candidate for the U.S. Congress (8th Congressional District), is a longtime resident of Saginaw.  She is the current president of the State Board of Education and a member of the Board of Directors for the National Association of State Boards of Education, where she chairs the Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Committee.  Dr. Pugh has 25 years of experience as a public health expert and is a dedicated advocate for environmental justice.  Driven by her commitment to public service as an engineer, scientist, and researcher, Dr. Pugh was appointed Chief Public Health Advisor during the Flint Water Crisis.

The candidate for Congress holds a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering from Florida A&M University and a Master of Science and Ph.D. in public health from the University of Michigan School of Public Health.  Dr. Pugh is a proud member of the World Outreach Campus Church of God in Christ.

“We are ecstatic to officially endorse Mr. Hill Harper and Dr. Pamela Pugh for their political races to win the Democratic primary, respectively, for the U.S. Senate and U.S. Congress (8th Congressional District),” said Bishop J. Drew Sheard, who chairs the Michigan/Canadian Council of Bishops.  “We firmly believe that they have the vision, wisdom, fortitude, integrity, and leadership to make a positive difference on Capitol Hill for the people in Michigan and the nation.  They are the right candidates with the right skill sets at the right time.”

The Michigan/Canadian Council of Bishops is a storied coalition of Episcopal Leaders in the state of Michigan and the Province of Ontario, united to positively represent its members, communities, the State of Michigan, and the Province of Ontario, Canada.  The Council’s mission is to support the vision and office of the Michigan/Canadian Council of Bishops, its president, Bishop J. Drew Sheard, and their strategic focus on developing programs that will impact the role of the Church in the 21st Century.  COGIC is a Christian organization rooted in the Holiness-Pentecostal tradition.  However, the Church “does not” endorse political candidates.  The Michigan/Canadian Council of Bishops’ Political Action Committee has made these endorsements.

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