McDonald’s Employees in Detroit Protest for Increase in Pay

Don’t be surprised if when you order your Big Mac, large fry and coke that your meal might be slightly delayed in some parts of Detroit — it’s not because of slow service but because some workers aren’t loving their low pay.

In some parts of the city employees are leaving their post at the golden arches because of their less-than-ideal pay, the Detroit News reported. People like Patricia Moseley, a shift manager, who has worked at McDonald’s for over 30 years and is making just $12.20 per hour. Moseley told the Detroit News that her pay is “not enough” for her sometimes strenuous job duties.

“We sweat and we put up with a lot of customers’ attitudes,” she said in the article. “I feel that we need $15 an hour. We have people walking off the job because they’re not making no money and they complain a lot. … We need to make a change.”

Moseley, 48, and others made their needs known and walked out on their jobs for a rally recently near the McDonald’s on Van Dyke at Outer Drive to demand a minimum $15 wage and the right to unionize, according to the article. There were roughly 150 demonstrators, primarily donning “Fight for $15” shirts, according to the story.

This strike in the city was before the company’s annual shareholder meeting — and in conjunction with a 15-city walkout with a larger, global-scale “Fight for $15” movement for fast-food workers.

According to the article, McDonald’s says it will raise hourly wages for more than 36,500 employees at McDonald’s-owned restaurants by an average of 10% over the next few months and the $15 minimum wage could be met by 2024.

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