Mayor Mike Duggan Set to Deliver 10th State of the City Address Tonight at Michigan Central Station

On Tuesday, March 7, Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan will give his 10th State of the City address, highlighting Michigan Central’s transformation as a hub for developing innovative mobility technology and opportunity.


The development of Michigan Central into a center for creating cutting-edge mobility technology and opportunities will be highlighted in Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan’s 10th State of the City address on Tuesday, March 7.

At the refurbished Grand Lobby of Michigan Central Station, the focal point of Michigan Central’s hub for pushing new technologies and programs that address obstacles to greater social, economic, and physical mobility, Mayor Mike Duggan will give his 10th State of the City address.

After standing empty for decades as a global emblem of Detroit’s decline, the former Michigan Central Railroad Station is slated to be renovated and ready for use by the end of this year.

The city was in bankruptcy, under emergency management, and having difficulty providing even the most basic services when the mayor gave his first State of the City address in January 2014, less than a month after taking office. Since then, the city has experienced the largest construction boom since the 1950s, the lowest unemployment rate in more than two decades, and a historically high increase in property values in almost every neighborhood.

The Tuesday, March 7, live stream begins at 6:45 and Duggan’s address begins at 7. The State of the City Address can be viewed on the following platforms:

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