Mayor Expands COVID-19 Testing, Welcomes Brenda Jones Recovery

Friday, in his latest update, Mayor Duggan announced COVID-19 testing is expanding to include people without symptoms. Beginning Monday, testing will be made available to essential employees of businesses across the city.

“I want everyone to know who has symptoms you are priority one…but now we can start to move to where we should be. If we’re going to get this city back on it’s feet, it means we need a lot broader testing,” said Duggan.

“I want every business in the city of Detroit to know, if you have to be open because you are essential, we will test all of your employees. If you contact us…we will make arrangements for your employees to come to the fairgrounds, get tested, and we are going to have COVID-19 free workplaces.”

City of Detroit employees will also be able to schedule a test without a prescription.

“I want Detroit to be the first city in America that can say to companies if you have to be open, if your employees have to be there, we are going to do everything we can to make sure employees come into work not at risk.”

City Council President, Brenda Jones, also accompanied the mayor for his latest briefing. The Michigan Chronicle previously reported her positive diagnosis for COVID-19.

Jones says, “I am so glad to be healthy. I can’t say glad to be back because I never went anywhere. I’ve been working all along. God is so good.”

She added a positive diagnosis is not a death sentence and encouraged the public to continue taking the virus seriously by adhering to recommended precautions.

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