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Stephanie Vaught, Entrepreneur from Detroit, Michigan, Financial Coach, and Founder of Social Money Finance, LLC Makes Her Mark Highlighting Gen X Women and the Financial Coaching Industry in the Most Recent Issue of Oprah Daily and Oprah’s Favorite Things

Stephanie Vaught, financial coach and founder of Social Money Finance encourages women over 40 to take control of their financial lives and know that it’s not too late to have the life you want.

Vaught entered the financial coaching industry after switching careers from the legal field in 2015. While working in the financial coaching industry for approximately three years, Vaught noticed a gap in the marketplace. Much of the financial coaching and education that existed at the time was heavily geared toward a younger or older audience – but nothing tailored to those in the middle generation – Generation X (born 1965-1980).

Therefore, in 2018, Stephanie Vaught founded Social Money Finance, a personal finance company that targets a Gen X audience – specifically Gen X women. Since its opening, Vaught has educated and coached hundreds of GenXers and others about the importance of effective money management and having agency over your decision making. Vaught emphasizes the power of choice and that it is not too late to achieve the life you want. “The way forward is through your money,” says Vaught. “It is not too late to learn how to manage your money for the life you want. Financial literacy is relevant at all ages, stages, and income levels.”

Stephanie Vaught encourages the middle generation to lean into their life experience; be willing to UNLEARN what no longer serves you; and adopt a mindset of abundance. “Many of us in our 40s and 50s are just now stepping into who we are,” says Vaught. “We had dreams as kids but perhaps were too afraid or discouraged to act. Now, we’re in the second phase of our lives, and we’ve mustered the courage to finally live out our dreams. We’re doing it afraid!”

Stephanie Vaught offers one-on-one financial coaching as well as group coaching through her signature program, Momentum. To learn more, you may email her at or book a consult at


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