M-1 Rail Officials celebrate their “track signing ceremony”


Today was an exciting day for the city of Detroit.  M-1 rail officials celebrated a “track signing ceremony” to announce a $12.2 million TIGER grant for the M-1 RAIL project, a historic 3.3-mile streetcar public-private partnership that broke ground this summer. All of the streetcar project donors were recognized, including the two newest – Ford Motor Company and DTE Energy. This celebratory took place in the notable Grand Circus Park located in heart of downtown Michigan. Special presenters included; U.S. Transportation Secretary, Anthony Foxx; Michigan Governor, Rick Snyder; Detroit Mayor, Mike Dugan; Senator, Carl Levin; Senator, Debbie Stabenow; Congressman, John Dingell; Congressman, John Conyers; M-1 RAIL Board Chair, Roger Penske and Members of the M-1 RAIL Board of Directors.

Each speaker touched on the momentum behind the progress of the M-1 rail project.

“It’s unprecedented that the private and philanthropic leadership of a community commit  more than $100 million to design, build, and operate a public streetcar line and through its TIGER grant, USDOT has reaffirmed its commitment to Detroit and M-1 RAIL,” said M-1 RAIL President and CEO Matthew P. Cullen.

“This is the foundation and the anchor of an incredible future for Detroit in transportation,” exclaimed Senator Debbie Stabenow. [This has been a team effort; public, private, and charitable corporations all pitched in to make it happen], congressman John Dingell adds.

The envisioned streetcar project will add significant value to promote a thriving Downtown. As senator Carl Levy describes it, “an up and coming boom town that we lovingly call Motown.”

The event concluded with light refreshments while the community witnessed Government officials, the leadership of Detroit-based corporate and philanthropic entities, and presenters sign two five-foot pieces of steel streetcar track. Congratulations, we’re on to a brighter future.

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