Ludracis Speaks on New Baby, Pathways and ‘Nutty’ Projects

Ludacris don’t care who doesn’t like it, he’s gonna make it do what it do — on his terms by the way.

The longtime rapper who has been flourishing in his career for well over two decades is switching things up in his personal and professional life, and couldn’t wait to share the news with ESSENCE Magazine during a recent interview.

Ludacris shared with the publication that he has collaborated with peanut butter brand JIF on recent projects, and it’s paying off as he not only bulks up his pockets, but his body, too.

He typically takes peanut butter as a protein to supplement for his muscle-building workouts — he also eats it pretty much any kind of way, too.

“I put it on everything,” he told ESSENCE. “I don’t know if people think this is crazy, but I definitely put peanut butter on pancakes and on French toast. I was telling somebody, I put it on S’mores, graham crackers.”

The rapper is featured in the brand’s newest ad campaign, The Lil Jif Project, which was released on August 16.

Also, his career is not the only thing blossoming.

He introduced the world his fourth daughter, Chance, with wife Eudoxie at the end of July, according to the article.

“I’m feeling great about it. The Bible says, ‘Be plentiful,’ and that’s what we’re doing,” the proud father says. “Humbly speaking, when you can afford it, it’s always great. I look forward to being a parent that can bring forth someone that’s going to continue to give to this world, and try and raise very powerful and integrity-filled children.”

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