Local Detroit Artist Debuts Mural at Skymint  

Detroit street artist and musician Sheefy McFly hosted a pop-up party at Hazel Park’s Skymint to ring in the April 20 cannabis highliday. The visual artist and musician also premiered a custom mural on the front side of the building designed especially for the Skymint location.


As a part of the festivities the artist displayed a collection of her work which was sold for $100 per piece. Selling out the entire collection, McFly and the brand are looking to build a long-standing relationship with more projects and collaborations.


“Me and Skymint’s relationship began when they asked me to paint what eventually became my ‘Love and Peace’ mural at their Hazel Park location. The mural is inspired by Radio Raheem.  When they reached out to me to create the mural to help spread awareness to free Black and Brown people in prison for marijuana charges, I was all for it,” says the artist.


With an early love for the arts, McFly developed a knack for drawing. Expanding into painting, McFly continues to grow his fanbase and empire one paint stroke at a time.


“I’ve honestly been drawing as long as I can remember. I wanted to be an artist my whole life. I guess as soon as I was born that was my start as an artist,” says McFly.


The fun did not stop at the art exhibit. McFly hit the turntables for a live DJ set for fans and enthusiasts. The art exhibit turned dance party featured original music by the rapper and songwriter. The multi-talented Detroiter brings an artistic taste like no other and that is what attracted the premium cannabis brand to the artist. The brand, which prides itself on being rich in the arts, wanted to commission an artist who personified Detroit.


“We were opening the store in Hazel Park. We were wanting to partner with an artist that had deep roots in Detroit,” Laurie Gregory, chief brand and product officer for SKYMINT Brands. “I got a link, not only to his portfolio, but a couple other artists and I didn’t even know the Sheefy name, but his art stood out to me.”


As a part of their budding relationship, Skymint curates a special list of McFly’s favorites. The list includes handpicked strands by the artists for users to enjoy and is available at every location.


“We’d asked him to see if we could highlight in the stores his picks. So, we activated that in all of our stores where we display a piece of his artwork right by his picks,” says Gregory. “We’ve highlighted it on the websites and we’ve highlighted them in stores.”


Along with cannabis and art, Skymint and Sheefy McFly also have their hand in giving back to the community they serve. The duo teamed up to create a limited-edition T-shirt and canvas bag for sale at Skymint Hazel Park with 100 percent of proceeds benefiting a worthy cause. Chosen was Cass Community Social Services, a Detroit-based organization with the goal of providing food, shelter, health services and job programs.


“Our donations that we made to Cass Community Services started with a painting that I made on Skymint’s IG Live. From there we auctioned the painting on eBay plus sold T-shirts and tote bags with the painting on them. The profits made from that we donated to Cass Community Services,” says the artist.


With other plans in the works, Skymint and McFly will continue to collaborate on upcoming projects that benefit the cannabis community and art lovers alike. Though none to officially announce, the two plan on keeping the good vibes flowing.


“Me and Skymint have talked about a few more collaborations, nothing set in stone, but definitely dope ideas I’m excited about,” says Sheefy.


Skymint plans to spread happiness and peace with not only their products, but their brand as a whole. Living by one slogan, the brand aims to continue providing quality products while immersing itself in the community.


“Cannabis is for everyone,” says Jeff Radway, co-founder and CEO of SKYMINT Brands. “Our motto is ‘Happy People, Happy Plants,’ and it is this evocation of joy that we bring with our products and store experience. We are committed to making the world a brighter place and helping our customers live their lives to the fullest.”


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