Leolah Brown blames Nick Gordon for Bobbi Kristina, calls Pat Houston a fraud

leolah brown

Bobbi Kristina’s aunt blames Nick Gordon for her current comatose state in an Atlanta hospital, accusing the outcast boyfriend for causing the injuries to her body that led to her near drowning in January.

Leola Brown, who is R&B singer Bobby Brown’s sister, also lays a lot of blame on Whitney Houston’s surviving sister, Pat, for being a gold-digging, money-grubbing leach and a phony who manipulated Bobbi Kristina during her grieving period over her legendary mother’s death three years ago.

“I believe that Nick is manipulating Dr. Phil just like he manipulated my niece, Bobbi Kristina,” said Brown told TMZ.
“His habits and his actions are not conducive to nor or they consistent with anyone who is concerned with somebody,” she added. “Look at what he’s doing in the public eye of everybody. He is putting up guns on Facebook. He’s blurting out nasty words to my brother, Bobby. Why are you doing this and Krissi’s lying up in the hospital? Somebody you love. I don’t get it.”
Take a look at what else Leolah Brown had to say about Whitney Houston’s sister by flipping the e-page:

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