Kim Kardashian and Amber Rose photo’d together and the funniest responses

Whowouldathunkit?!? After spending years volleying insults and trading men and shade between them, “Keeping up with the Kardashians” franchise star Kim Kardashian and socialite Amber Rose have called for a cease-fire in their years-long war. Kardashian surprised pop culture watchers Tuesday morning when she posted a photo that appears to show a meeting of the minds on ending this feud.
Just last week, Kanye West slayed Wiz Khalifa with a volcanic Twitter rant before Rose dropped a nuclear bomb on West’s set about his supposed strange sexual proclivities.
Now all of a sudden, Kardashian and Rose are friends??? We didn’t see that one coming.

The peace treaty between the two warring factions has befuddle their legions of fans social media alike, and they reacted in kind. Take a look at the very interesting responses to the tenuous truce between the two:


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