Kidpreneur Kaelin Nicole Runs Bakeology Catering Business 

Kaelin Nicole, 16, runs her own dessert catering business, Bakeology, selling homemade specialty cakes and other treats.   

Photo courtesy of Kaelin Nicole.

At just 16 years of age, Kaelin Nicole has run her own Detroit-based catering business, Bakeology, for the last three years. The young entrepreneur sells homemade desserts for a growing list of local clients as she works toward a future in expanding her business

“My granddad always baked cakes or pies and other homemade desserts since before I was born,” said Nicole. “Growing up, I always watched him doing that until I was old enough to help. Over time, it created a hobby for baking, and I baked a lot for my family. My mom encouraged me to think about making it into a business. Many people in my family own their own businesses and I wanted to start my own.” 

Nicole said her mother connected her with a baking pop-up opportunity and the idea for Bakeology grew from there. 

“Baking and cake decorating really brings me peace and it’s something I really enjoy doing,” said Nicole. “It’s a place where I am allowed to be creative and show that side of me. It’s my therapy and there is still so much I’m learning.” 

Nicole is one of many youths joining the workforce at an early age. Some of them decide to build on their skills and interests in entrepreneurial endeavors.  

According to a 2022 U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics report, “In July 2022, 55.3 percent of young people (persons ages 16 to 24) were employed… (t)his measure was up from 54.4 percent in July 2021.” 

Youth entrepreneurship affects the social, cultural, and economic advancement of society. 

The introduction of youth entrepreneurship awareness-building programs in early education can awaken young people’s minds to the limitless and unimagined opportunities that they have in becoming self-employed business owners. They should be introduced to entrepreneurship as a career option, given an understanding of business opportunities, and introduced to the concept of business, business economics, skills and abilities required for managing and growing a business, as well as what personal skills and leadership qualities they need to develop in order to be successful entrepreneurs, among other things.  

Young entrepreneurs, or “kidpreneurs,” need a sense of the options that are open to them and a broad understanding of how to operate in a business setting. 

Starting such training from childhood means the individuals will have loads of time and energy to invest in themselves and turn into successful future entrepreneurs. 

Nicole told the Michigan Chronicle she is grateful for the support system she has as she learns the ins and outs of running a business while balancing school and running track.  

“I had to learn a lot about keeping up with the business. At first it was just for family and now I cater to people from all around time management and organization are definitely something I am better at now. I’ve learned to write everything down in a planner, and plan each day. I think about the steps to prep an order so that I am not too stressed to do it all in one day.” 

Nicole said other young people who are interested in starting their own businesses should be patient with the process along the way. She hopes to open a brick-and-mortar shop after she attends college for a business degree.   

“I’m really proud of myself and the opportunity to learn new things, meet new people…build a clientele,” said Nicole.  

“You are truly learning as you go. It’s not easy. There are challenges and you need a strong support system like I did and it helped me to keep going. I wanted to give up so many times, but I kept going. So do your research on whatever interests or careers you have in mind and find your passion. Don’t just do it for the money. Passion is what keeps you going.”

From specialty sheet cakes and cupcakes to seasonal desserts like cinnamon rolls and hot cocoa bombs, Bakeology offers a selection of homemade goods to custom orders online. If you are interested in learning more about Bakeology, visit




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