Karrueche responds to Chris Brown’s threats on Marques Houston for complimenting her

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Karrueche Tran has had it with being treated like a piece of property in Chris Brown’s expansive female portfolio, and she has fired back by articulating her disgust with the troubled singer’s bullying of anyone who shows interest in her or compliments her publicly. After all, they broke up several months ago.

A member of Breezy’s crew made a not-so-subtle threat of violence threat against singer-actor Marques Houston, all because he complimented Karrueche for flossing a string bikini on Instagram.


The threat was made by posting two semi-automatic guns followed with the caption with the caption:


“Ni**as sho no how to disrespect, I don’t care if they not still together.”

Karrueche is outraged that, even as a single person, she cannot be free of his long reach in the streets of L.A. It’s not a secret that Brown associates with folks who have alleged gang ties.

Karrueche wants no part of it and made that unequivocally clear:

“I’m bored and tried of this situation. I don’t get it because I’m single.”

She also said, “I thought we have all matured and moved on. Especially since Chris has been seen with multiple women since the breakup. I don’t want anything to do with any type of violence or negativity.”

Karrueche told the media that she and Marques are just friends and that the two of them just finished filming a movie together.

Breezy has yet to respond to Karrueche’s rebuke of his friend’s behavior.


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