Kai Alce Eyewear To Launch In Detroit

More than a carefully designed pair of corrective lenses, eyeglasses are a constant part of wardrobes. For some, they are an extension of one’s true self.


Kai Alce, a long-time buyer of glasses and native Detroiter, knows the plight of spending money on spectacles that don’t quite fit the intended look.


“I like bigger frames that are typically plastic and colorful; and usually when you find eyewear of that size they’re usually sunglasses,” said Alce. “So, when I was buying glasses for myself, I’d get those sunglasses, take out the lenses, and make them clear.”

Michigan Chronicle Managing Editor and Single Black Chick Editor, AJ Williams models Kai Alce Eyewear

Alce’s innovative reconstructions quickly become more than your average do-it-yourself project. The DJ found himself answering to loved ones and strangers who were interested in getting a pair for themselves.


Concerned that the venture didn’t align with his goals as a musical artist, Alce didn’t jump on the opportunity to start an eyewear line right away. Instead, he focused his efforts on his work as a DJ, all the while hearing the requests of family and friends in the background.


Eventually, the pestering began to work and the Kai Alce Eyewear line was born.


Alce, who asked that his manufacturer go unnamed, was introduced to frame designers by a friend with connections to the industry. Taking the driver’s seat, he dedicated himself to designing glasses that would best represent his style.

“I worked with the manufacturers by sending them a few pairs of my own glasses, showing them some of the characteristics that I wanted to be done,” said Alce.


Backed by a manufacturer that also works with household brands such as Fendi, Gucci, and Michael Kors, Alce incorporated his personality into the line.


“The arms [of the glasses] have grooves that mimic the style of grooves on records,” said Alce. “I also added a 45-adaptor to the ends of the arms to help prevent the glasses from sliding down.”


The premier launch of Kai Alce Eyewear on Nov. 27 will include two models for eyeglass users: Granég and Bézwen, a nod to Alce’s Haitian culture.


In true Alce fashion, the glasses are designed with creativity and exclusivity in mind. A limited number of 1,000 pairs of glasses will be available to the public.


Only 50 to 100 pairs of glasses will be produced in each color. The colors will not be duplicated. Alce plans to keep a rotation of two additional models each year.

He hopes his eyewear line will speak to his community of fellow creatives who are looking to complement their aesthetic with bright and bold glasses. “These aren’t colors you typically see in glasses. I’m hoping they’ll appeal to people, you know, the writers, the poets, the people who want to express a little bit of their individuality within their eyewear,” said Alce. “That’s what I’m hoping the Kai Alce Eyewear will help them do, that’s what I’m hoping its niche will be.”


Alce’s community doesn’t stop in the world of arts and creativity. It also extends back to the city he grew up in — Detroit.


“With Detroit being my hometown and having musical roots here, I figured it would be a good place to start these pop-ups,” said Alce.


The designer will be holding pop-up shops in Atlanta and New York, two cities he’s called home, to introduce his eyewear line to the general public when restrictions due to the pandemic allow for these types of events once again.

Alce, who says the eyewear is a direct representation of who he is, welcomes the new venture with open arms and invites others to do the same.


“[The pop-up shop] will give people a feeling of who I am and let people see what we have in store for the future,” said Alce. “As much as it will be a new venture to them, it will be a new venture to me.


In the interim, Alce is hosting a virtual launch on Twich TV at 8 PM, there will music and more and it’s free to the public. To attend virtually, visit, Twitch.tv/ndatl on Friday, November 27th at 8 PM.


Detroiters interested in learning more about the Kai Alce Eyewear can visit www.kaialceeyewear.com when the site goes live on November 27th.


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