Commentary: Juneteenth Is More Than Just Celebrating Emancipation

By Linda R. Taliaferro

A particularly important holiday is coming up – Juneteenth. A celebration of the full emancipation of slaves in the United States.

While the Emancipation Proclamation had outlawed slavery almost 2 ½ years prior, those in Texas didn’t get the news until June 19th 1865.

This is significant for many reasons and there are so many lessons to take away from this as a Black and/or Brown woman working our way up the corporate ladder.

First, sometimes the things we desire and deserve don’t show up when we want them to. I couldn’t imagine hearing rumors and rumblings about my freedom, but having to wait almost 3 years to know officially!

But the same can be said for our career growth, reaching our goals, and getting promotions. You have to be willing to stand in your truth, stand in knowing what you deserve, so that you’re ready to accept it when it comes.

Second, understand that this holiday is a celebration of not only freedom, but the resilience and power that is our heritage.

The same energy and perseverance that drove our ancestors to demand freedom and equality and then fight for it, also belongs to you.

So use it!

Don’t passively wait for your goals to maybe happen, or settle with whatever you’re given because it’s more uncomfortable to ask for more.

It’s time to show up for yourself.

-Linda R. Taliferro

Founder, The TEE Extra Effort

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