J&F Advisors promotes Financial Literacy Month to small business owners

J&F Advisors LLC., founders Robyn Fuller (left) and Ashley Johnson (right). Photo: Quenton Ross

April is many things — a month that begins with obvious pranks, a month when we celebrate Easter, and a month when taxes are due. It is also Financial Literacy Month. Americans will learn why financial literacy is so important and how being financially aware will enhance your daily, monthly and annual financial decisions.
Certified Public Accountants Ashley Johnson and Robyn Fuller founded J&F Advisors LLC., in 2011 and are experts on financial literacy. A large percentage of their clientele base are small business owners in Detroit, who they stress the importance of financial literacy to.
“Financial literacy is having the knowledge and skillset to maximize your financial resources,” said Fuller. “Understanding basic management of money, credit and debt, as you begin to age and take on more financial responsibilities, is key in maintaining long-term financial security.”
“As small business owners, a lot of times people start business based on hobbies, and things that they are passionate about. It is especially key for small business owners to understand the financial element of running a business to avoid financial scrutiny, especially relating to taxes.”
Johnson and Fuller are both graduates of Detroit Cass Tech and have bachelors and master’s degrees in accounting. They both recently quit their jobs at Fortune 500 companies to run J&F Advisors full-time.
As the youngest African-American female-owned CPA firm in the Detroit area, J&F Advisors is extremely vested in directly impacting the growth of the small business community in the city. Johnson and Fuller understand, for Detroit’s economy to grow, small business owners must have a certain level of financial knowledge to make well informed business decisions.
“Naturally, as a small accounting firm, we work with majority small businesses, individuals, and nonprofits,” said Johnson. “Being a small firm allows us to work very closely with our clients and teach them what it takes to make informed and sound financial decisions.”
“We offer training and one-on-one consultations to small business owners, and we periodically host classes for small business owners, where we share tools and provide resources to assist with being financially organized, and to avoid common mistakes. Overall, our goal is to improve the financial skillset of each client, and to leave them better off than after our services are done.”
“Celebrate the New Detroit” is the slogan for J&F Advisors, which focuses on improving the economy by improving the financial literacy of small business owners. They are dedicated to providing their clients with tools to make sound, informed financial decisions, that will in-turn boost the city’s economy. As well as provide information to other institutions who share the same vision.
“As April is Financial Literacy Month, there will be a ton of programs and resources available,” said Fuller. “The Michigan Association of CPA’s (MICPA) has committed to providing a ton of content to help subscribers become more knowledgeable and fiscally prepared.”
“Also, banks, libraries and other financial institutions will have an abundance of information available. It is also not a bad idea to commit to reading a book or doing some research on financial topics that you may be curious about and share your learnings with family and friends.”

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