Itʼs Been A Long Time Coming… But A CHANGE Is Gonna Come!

People always talk about embracing change. Letʼs be honest with ourselves and affirm that change hurts. I donʼt know about you but it hurts to eat differently, change your old habits, and do what you donʼt feel like doing. How can you heal, if you wonʼt keep it real? Yes, even the truth hurts, but it will set you free.

They say “old habits die hard.” Iʼm convinced that people donʼt like change, because it hurts to break out of your comfort zone and cycle of old habits. Arenʼt you tired of a new year but the same old, same old?

You will remain in a cycle of self-destructive behavior if you donʼt change your mindset and break out of the box. The reason people do wha they do is because of how they think. What youʼre doing and where youʼre going has everything to do with what youʼre thinking.

I wish there was an anesthetic for change, so I wouldnʼt have to feel the peaks and valleys of transformation. Donʼt you just wish you could wake up from the anesthesia and there be no more struggle, temptation, obstacles, or thoughts of negativity? Snap out of wishful thinking, because to make it through this life youʼre going to have to fight to overcome the “inner-me” which is often our greatest enemy.

Since there is nothing to numb the pain of change, youʼre going to feel every stretching point and every bit of discomfort. This is why they call it “growing pains” because it hurts to change and grow. We must get uncomfortable with being comfortable and become comfortable with being uncomfortable. Everyday weʼre in a fight between who we were,
who we are, and who we have the potential to become. Donʼt let your past or present become a prison that shackles your future. The past is a prison but your future is freedom!

It takes a changed and charged mindset to break free from negativity. Just like your computer and phone needs to be charged, so too your mind must be charged and connected to a power source. If youʼre plugged into and connected to negativity, you wonʼt have the energy and wisdom to sustain your life. As the days, weeks, months, and
years progress your strength and vitality will be depleted. You will eventually become a product of who and what youʼre connected to. Disconnect yourself from bad relationships, fear, gossip, depression, drama, and negative thinking. Plug into the SOURCE of power, love, strength, peace, joy, hope, and youʼll have all of the RESOURCES that you need to succeed in life.

Yes, “OLD habits die hard” but NEW habits can spring life into your spirit, invigorating you with hope and determination. Want things to change? Change! You canʼt become all that you can be, by remaining all that you have been. Change will never happen TO you, if it first doesnʼt happen IN you. This is your time to step into the best and blessed days of your life! 

Eddie Conner

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