Is wearing a Black Girls Rock T-shirt offensive?

Now, are they days where we can’t openly express who we are and furthermore feel confident about it! Just after the annual Black Girls Rock Awards, first Lady Michelle Obama, was criticized for attending the awards and some even took it upon themselves to label her as a racist. Following the awards, there was a social media campaign in which women all over expressed just how beautiful they are in their own “black” skin by posting selfies, and pictures of women who exemplify the “Black girls rock” slogan. Shortly after, some women shared their thoughts contesting this campaign was offensive to women of other races. Really?
Weeks prior to the Black Girls Rock Awards, I received an email from a local substitute teacher in the Michigan area, who received a written warning from her subordinates in regards to her Black Girls Rock t-shirt. This written warning later led to suspension once she addressed on St. Patrick’s day, some teachers wore, “Kiss me I’m Irish shirts,” that openly addressed their pride in their culture and race. It appears everyone is on board to celebrate holidays that doesn’t pertain to their own race, however when it comes to being black, it’s suddenly offensive.  “Why is being black so offensive?” We see it everyday in society, I remember reading a blog that stated, “natural hair isn’t for the workplace”,  because natural hair isn’t of the norm and to others it is not a look of prestige. Experts suggest leaving the natural look for the weekend. Just sad.  Why have we become so obsess with fitting in with our competing counterparts that we can’t take pride in who we are, and yes world that means “black.” We’re in a world where society supports freely expressing yourself but one can’t openly express self love, and self worth in their own race? Now this seems a little offensive if you ask me.
What do you think?

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