In my hair feelings….

Am I the only person that feels my hair dictates my outfit? My hair and outfit is a representation of how I am feeling that day.
If I am having a bad hair day, Im going to have a dressed down outfit day. A bad hair day for me means either I’m wearing a hat, ponytail or a bun. These hairstyles can definitely be dressed up but for me it typically means I’m having an “I don’t care” day. Were all entitled to those right?
Now my interpretation of dressed down means jeans, T-shirt, active wear or anything  I wouldn’t wear to an after work event or a night out. These “I don’t care days” typically fall on Mondays, Fridays and/or Sundays. Monday I’m still recuperating from the weekend. Friday I just happy the work week is over! Sundays (after church) are for lounging.
Now this doesn’t mean you cant be stylish while having a bad hair day and dressed down. I searched the web and found some looks that I’d rock on my dressed down, hair pulled back days.
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