Immigration Reform To Become Key Issue in 2013

Immigration reform is shaping up to be one of the first major issues of the year to be tackled on Capitol Hill. On the eve of President Obama’s expected address, a group of senators have announced a bipartisan plan to address several key aspects of the matter.

In the midst of prospective changes to policy, various racial, labor, and religious groups are uniting to take a stand in favor of immigration reform. It was announced on Monday that a massive rally to be held in Washington on April 10th will support the cause.

Current leaders and proponents of civil rights contend that it is extremely important to unite in an effort to inspire change. Community members are encouraged to get involved in the cause and join the upcoming rally.

Among those coming out to support immigration reform is the NAACP. Perhaps the most iconic symbol of civil rights, the group’s decision to take a stand will speak volumes to its followers. This recent decision is likely to cause more African-Americans to take notice.

What has long since united the plight of blacks and latinos in America is their unique struggle to obtain equality and fairness by law. A commonality of suffering between the two groups has existed throughout history that interweaves each one’s causes. African-Americans are not the only ones joining in the fight for immigration reform; supporters also include other groups representing various faces of race and religion.

All across the nation, citizens are uniting on a single mission. Whether you’re black, white, brown, yellow, or otherwise, the cause that connects us is one of a fight for humanity.

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