If DTE Asks You to Schedule a Meter Inspection – Please Respond ASAP!

DTE must stop service for any natural gas meter it hasn’t been able to inspect for more than three years. While DTE conducts more than 100,000 natural gas meter inspections every year, there are currently 18,000 DTE Gas customers who have not responded to multiple requests to allow an inspection their meter.

These free, 15-minute inspections are critical to ensure safety, and they are required by the Michigan Public Service Commission. Final notices are going out now to the 18,000 customers who haven’t responded, and shutoffs will begin soon for those who still don’t reach out.

If your meter has been inspected in the past three years, and DTE has not recently reached out to you, there’s no need to be concerned or to contact DTE. But if you’ve received this final notice, or you know someone who has, here are important points to understand:

Why do I need an indoor gas meter inspection?

All gas meters need to be regularly inspected for your safety and to ensure reliable service. If your gas meter is located inside your home, DTE needs your permission to come into your home every three years to perform a safety inspection. Additionally, this inspection is required by the state of Michigan and needs to be completed for your safety.


Will I be charged for this inspection?

No. This natural gas meter safety inspection is free for all DTE Energy-owned gas meters and service pipes located inside your home.

What happens if I don’t allow the inspection?

If you do not respond to your final letter requesting access for the inspection, DTE will be forced to disconnect your service. You can avoid this inconvenience, and the cost (potentially as high as $6,000) to reconnect your service, by responding to your inspection notice immediately to set up an inspection.

How do I schedule my gas meter inspection?

Please call 877-853-9434 or email GFO-MeterAssemblyCheck@dteenergy.com.

How long does a gas meter inspection take?

DTE can typically perform inspections in approximately 15 minutes. However, if a leak is detected, the technician will address it, free of charge.

Who performs the inspection?

Inspections will be performed either by a DTE employee, or a representative of its vendor, RECONN. The technician who arrives to perform the inspection will have a badge, and you should ask to see it.

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