Historic Labor Agreement Reached for Detroit Casino Workers After Month-Long Strike

With a significant breakthrough, the Detroit Casino Council, representing approximately 3,700 workers, has announced a tentative five-year agreement with Detroit’s three major casinos. This pivotal development, shared by Unite Here Local 24 via a social media update, marks the end of a 32-day strike that saw workers from MGM Grand Detroit, Hollywood Casino at Greektown, and MotorCity Casino standing in solidarity for their rights.

For the past month, the dedicated members of the Detroit Casino Council have displayed unwavering resolve and commitment in their fight for fair labor practices. This period has been marked by a series of strategic actions, including attending city council meetings, where they passionately voiced their concerns and demands. Their presence and eloquence at these meetings underscored the importance of their cause, drawing attention to the critical issues facing casino workers. Additionally, the council members made a significant impact with their visit to the state capitol. There, they engaged with legislators and policymakers, advocating for their rights and highlighting the need for supportive measures that address their concerns about healthcare, wages, job security, and workloads. Their relentless efforts and strategic outreach over the past month have not only strengthened their position but have also shone a spotlight on the broader issues of workers’ rights in the industry, making it a matter of public and political interest.

The strike, which commenced on October 17, united a diverse workforce comprising dealers, cleaning staff, food and beverage employees, valets, and engineers. Their collective efforts were focused on securing vital healthcare benefits, demanding fair wage increases, ensuring job security, and advocating for reasonable workloads.

The Detroit Casino Council, a coalition including the UAW, Unite Here Local 24, Teamsters Local 1038, Operating Engineers Local 324, and the Michigan Regional Council of Carpenters, has been at the forefront of this labor movement. The agreement reached is now pending approval from the members, a process that will be facilitated through a vote, as communicated by Unite Here Local 24 on the platform X formerly known as Twitter.

Stay tuned as we continue to provide updates on this developing story, marking a significant milestone in labor relations within Detroit’s vibrant casino industry.

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