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The evolution of cannabis consumption has come a long way since its early days of use. Used in medicinal recipes by crushing the plant to activate its healing properties or lighting it ablaze to release its aromatics, cannabis is now consumed in a multitude of ways. The mechanisms used to consume the plant have also changed over time. Now, apparatuses are becoming increasingly sophisticated and help to conceal the plant’s potent smell and large plumes. 


Smoking marijuana is the most popular use of cannabis in the current day. What was once consumed in papers and cigar wraps is increasingly being used in a more discreet fashion. Gone are the days of simple wooden pipes and leaves. Now, indulgers face a myriad of options to inhale the green goodness. However, it is not the only way users can toke. Devices have become more sophisticated and elaborate as cannabis grows in popularity. Smoking marijuana may be one of the quickest ways to feel the effects of the plant and now more than ever, users are looking to feel a high that will last.  




Bongs may be one of the oldest smoking apparatuses used with cannabis. Dating back to the early 1100 CE, bongs were first discovered in Ethiopian caves, though some speculate that bongs could have originated in Asia like the plant itself. Since its early mechanisms, which included wood craftsmanship, bongs have come a long way and are typically made of glass. Celebrated as the latest innovator of glass bongs, Bob Snodgrass is credited for modernizing the bong during the 1970s. Bongs are now considered the most popular device used to consume marijuana and can range in size making each hit individualized.  




Recently in the news for its damaging effects on the lungs, vaping is growing in popularity. First patented in 1927 by Joseph Robinson, it was not until more than 30 years later that vaporizers would get their big break. Modern day vapes evolved from a 1960s invention on the earlier-made version. Herbert Gilbert patented a device he called the Smokeless and since then, vaporizers have been used by many cannabis consumers as a way to discreetly indulge. Since that time, many versions of the vaporizer have been patented and continue to evolve into new and easier ways to indulge.  




As old as cannabis itself, pipes have been discovered to be one of the oldest tools used for smoking. While it can be hard to trace their origin, the earliest pipes have been used during ancient Egyptian empires. Throughout time, pipes, in their simplest form, have been created from clay, stone, wood and coconuts. Now, similar to bongs, pipes have been master-crafted using glass that can withstand high temperatures.  




This combines two forms of smoke, both cannabis and tobacco. Wrapped in joint paper, spliffs help to solve the craving of users who enjoy the best of both worlds. Unlike blunts, which also contain tobacco but are wrapped in cigar papers, spliffs contain a higher concentration of tobacco and are much more potent. It also allows users to mask the smell of the marijuana as the scent of tobacco often takes over.  




No, it is not a dance made popular in the South. A dab refers to the wax substance that is created by combining butane and cannabis. Since the cannabis concentration is higher than most forms, the potency is also higher. While it is not the same as smoking, dabs can be used together with a tool named an ‘oil rig’ to inhale the wax. The marijuana scent does not linger long and is considered one of the most discreet ways to indulge.  


As marijuana consumption continues, more devices may come about as improvements on age-old mechanisms that have evolved over time. Now that more states are looking to legalize cannabis consumption, indulging may become more creative with the tools used to enjoy their tokes.  



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