Here’s What Beyoncé Told Meghan Markle After Her Tell-All Oprah Interview

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Meghan Markle has revealed the heartwarming message Beyoncé sent her after the Duchess of Sussex and Prince Harry sat down with Oprah Winfrey for a tell-all interview last year, Us Weekly reports.

“Beyoncé just texted,” Markle recalled on the sixth episode of Netflix’s Harry & Meghan, which was filmed the day after the bombshell interview aired. “I still can’t believe she knows who I am.”

Markle then read the text message to her husband.

“She said she wants me to feel safe and protected,” the duchess said. “She admires and respects my bravery and vulnerability and thinks I was selected to break generational curses that need to be healed.”


“That’s well said,” Harry responded.

During the Oprah interview, the pair discussed the reasons behind their decision to step down from the royal family, with Harry noting that “a large part of it” was racism. After the tell-all aired, Harry’s brother denied his claims, saying “We’re very much not a racist family.”

The duke revealed in the Netflix docuseries that his departure from the royal family strained his relationship with his brother.

“I mean, the saddest part of it was this wedge created between myself and my brother, so that he’s now on the institution’s side,” Harry said. “Part of that, I get. I understand, right? That’s his inheritance. So, to some extent, it’s already ingrained in him that part of his responsibility is the survivability and the continuation of this institution.”

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