He’s Back: Arsenio Hall Returns To Late Night! [Flashback Top 10 Moments]

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Arsenio Hall is coming back to late-night television tonight, Monday, Sept. 8, after 19-years away and the Dog Pound is ready to welcome him back with open arms.

As previously reported by NewsOne, Hall  partnered with CBS Television Distribution, previously named Paramount Domestic Television, for the new talk show. CBSTD  is the same company behind Hall’s 1989-94 hit show, “The Arsenio Hall Show.”

In an interview with USA Today, the veteran actor and comedian said that he had to take time away to be with his family, but that he’s ready to re-enter the fray — with his son’s permission:

“I have no regrets. I’ve had an incredible time away. I was able to raise my son in a way that my parents were’t able to be in my life,” because they were so busy working, he says. “When I sat and talked to my son, I was like, ‘I love being a father. There’s nothing I love more than that. But as you need me a little less, I’m going to start addressing the fact that I miss late-night and I might want to try to go back.’ And he was all for it.”

Well, thank you for understanding, Arsenio, Jr. because we sure have missed your father!

To pay homage to Arsenio Hall’s groundbreaking, iconic run, and in anticipation of what he has in store, we have compiled clips of ten of his top moments below.

Check them out and leave your favorite Arsenio moments in the comment section!


When he checks Vanilla Ice about dissing M.C. Hammer and bringing out Flava Flav as his “Black friend”:

When President Bill Clinton played the saxophone:

When Michael Jackson surprised Eddie Murphy:
When Arsenio GOES OFF on Queer Nation for accusing him of homophobia:
When Tupac talks Janet Jackson AIDS test:
When Will Smith and DJ Jazzy Jeff came through:
When Martin Lawrence gave this hilarious interview:
When Heavy D performed his “new” single, “Somebody For Me”:
When New Edition performed “Can You Stand The Rain”:
When little Luther makes a surprise appearance during Arsenio’s last show and performs “Let Me Hold Me TIght”:
Bonus: When Magic Johnson gets the longest standing ovation ever, and discusses his HIV diagnosis:
Arsenio, welcome back, brother! We’re ready for you!


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