Hair Fun

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There are hairstyles. There are hairdos. There are hair don’ts. And thanks to Detroit’s own David Humphries (aka “Hump the Grinder”) there is even “Hair Wars” — the extravagant hair shows built on the foundation of hair as enter­tainment.


Makes sense, especially in light of the importance many African Americans place on their hair. It could be argued that some go overboard with it, spend­ing excessive amounts of money, etc.


But it is what it is, and let’s face it, hair can be a lot of fun.

Of course, entertainers tend to be the vanguard. The most intriguing ones are those who go the extra mile. They let the imagination run wild, toss con­servativism to the wind, bring smiles to faces, and spark conversations.

With all this in mind, we present “Hair Fun.” — SVH

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