GM’s Salaried Staff Required to Report Their Vaccination Status

General Motors Co. is now requiring its salaried U.S. employees to disclose their COVID-19 vaccination status they said on Thursday, according to The Detroit News.

The top-ranking U.S. automaker confirmed in the article that the company informed its roughly 40,000 employees on August 12 that they would have to report their vaccination status to the company via a “confidential online reporting tool” by this past Tuesday, according to the article. Employees who received the vaccine were then asked to turn in a photo of their vaccination card for “proof” according to the article.

A letter from the company told the automaker employees that “only GM Medical staff and authorized personnel” would be able to retrieve that data if needed and that the information would be “handled confidentially,” according to the article.

“Reporting your vaccination status to GM Medical helps the company assess the overall immunity level of our employee population and determine appropriate measures to support employee safety,” Dr. Jeffery Hess, GM’s corporate medical director, said in the letter reported by The Detroit News. “The level of immunity is an important factor in determining when GM may need to increase or be able to relax or rescind certain COVID-19 safety protocols.”

GM spokesperson Maria Raynal provided this in the article: “In addition to helping assess the overall immunity of our employee population, the information will also be used to verify compliance with COVID-19 safety protocols, such as mask-wearing, and influence future public health decisions the company may need to make to continue to protect our employees and the business.”

GM CEO Mary Barra on Thursday provided her own thoughts and concerns on this topic.

“Because of the outbreak of the delta variant, we are now back into wearing masks in the U.S. and it varies around the world based on what’s happening, and our employees have just done a phenomenal job of following our safety protocols,” she said according to the article. “We continue to evaluate all options of what we can do because we know getting everyone vaccinated is going to be critical to stopping the different variants of the disease.”

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