Global Automotive Summit tackles 'blacks and economic development'

global automotive summitThe Rainbow PUSH Coalition in partnership with Citizen Education Fund hosted its 16th annual Global Automotive Summit at the MGM Grand Casino in Detroit. The theme of the two-day event was “Shifting Into High Gear: Commitment, Access, and Accountability.”
The initiative, which partners with automakers to increase diversity and ensure equality within the industry, is backed by Rev. Jesse L. Jackson, Sr. More than 500 automotive executives, entrepreneurs, suppliers, dealers, consumers, government officials, automotive manufacturers, tech companies, advertising agencies, media outlets and others joined together to discuss strengthening and creating opportunities in the automotive industry for people of color.
global automotive summit The summit encompassed a series of panel discussions on topics related to economic development. While the event recognized those who are making strides in the field, it also touched on a void that exists. The black community continues to suffer from policies that inhibit economic growth. This systematic disadvantage was tackled by several panelists during a variety of sessions. They discussed current barriers and offered solutions to bridge the race relations gap in Corporate America.
Noted speakers included Rev. Jackson, Dr. Ben Chavis, and Judge Greg Mathis, among other dignitaries.
“We must fight for justice, not just diversity,” said Rev. Jackson. “If you have justice, you inherently have diversity.”
Real Times Media was also on hand to promote its annual event DRIVEN. It occurs around the same time as the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. DRIVEN commemorates the achievements being made by people of color in the automotive industry.
global automotive summitWhile blacks are making significant contributions to the automotive industry, there is still room for improvement. Events like these are the stepping stone toward providing solutions to discrepancies that still exist and bar certain individuals from achieving economic growth.
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