Give Your Afternoon a Facelift

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We got the morning routine on lockdown — the evening and night routine is set, too.

Yet, when it comes to the afternoon, don’t slow down on that momentum just yet.

According to, hacking the afternoon can be done with simple tips including powering up your post-lunch performance.

1. Move It, Move It: Take a post-lunch walk (or stroll for a few hours) before leaving work could help revamp one’s energy. Taking time to get up and walk around while incorporating it in the afternoon routine could help individuals stay motivated and clear out “brain cobwebs” after the morning.

2. A Chance to Meet: Placing an engaging item on your afternoon itinerary could keep the creative wheels turning.

“It will hold you accountable to get something done, the interactive nature of meetings or collaborative sessions with coworkers will keep you focused, and these tasks are better reserved for this time period because you need to focus on more challenging, focus-driven tasks in the morning,” according to the article.

3. Chip Away at Those Looming Projects: Do you have a long day ahead with creeping project deadlines and you feel like time is slipping away during the afternoon? Tackle those projects head-on and “spend just a small pocket of time” (about 20 minutes to an hour) getting that final progress together before doing other tasks.

4. Easy Things First: Afternoon routines can drag on, especially after lunch. But to take on the sometimes gargantuan task of beating the after-lunch slump, try doing the easy stuff right away and then move into more difficult tasks.

“This will help you ease into a mindset of productivity and focus. When you focus on your easier tasks first, you’ll get a lot done in a short period of time,” according to the article. “With that momentum, you’ll be able to transition back into more challenging work easily and you’ll get a lot more done in the afternoon than you usually do.”

5. A Brain Lift: Brain fog during the afternoon is a real thing and facing this mental inconvenience is one that can be handled with some (brace yourselves) some fun – yes, even at work within reason.

With puzzles and brainstorming sessions, the mind can be refreshed out of the afternoon dreariness.

“Reengaging your analytical and creative faculties will clear the way for a more productive afternoon,” according to the article.

6. Productivity Ahead of Time: “Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do this afternoon.”

That well-known quote applies to all areas of the day, especially in the afternoon. One noteworthy item to take away is to plan the next day to conquer the afternoon, according to the article.

“Taking time to plan tomorrow will help you stay productive from the moment you walk in the door the next day to the moment you leave,” the article adds. “Productivity experts may not talk about afternoon routines as often as morning routines, but their power shouldn’t be underestimated.”

Get ahead of your afternoon by focusing on the day’s projects, narrowing your goals for the day, and remembering to get it done and get going so you can win the day.


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