Fort Wayne’s Creative Canvas: Studio Vwazen with Afro Plump

(Photo: Lyndy Bazile, aka Afro Plump)

Nestled within Fort Wayne, Indiana, lies StudioV Wazen, a haven for artistic expression led by the visionary Afro Plump. This isn’t your typical art studio; it’s a pulsating center where creative energy flows freely. But who is Afro Plump, and what makes StudioV Wazen unique?


Afro Plump: The Artist at the Heart

Lyndy Bazile, aka Afro Plump, the studio’s owner, is more than just a name—it’s a vibrant artistic persona. Afro Plump’s artistic voice speaks volumes.


A Space for All

Studio Vwazen transcends the boundaries of a traditional art studio. It’s a platform for Afro Plump to showcase her creations, but more importantly, it’s a space for artistic exploration for the Fort Wayne community. Whether you’re a seasoned artist or simply curious about unleashing your inner creativity, StudioV Wazen welcomes you.


What to Expect at Studio Vwazen

Open Studio Sessions: These sessions could provide a dedicated space for artists to work on her projects, surrounded by a supportive and inspiring environment.


Art Exhibitions: The studio might host exhibitions featuring Afro Plump’s work alongside pieces from local artists.


Community Events: Studio Vwazen could be a venue for art-related events, talks, or discussions that foster a sense of artistic community within Fort Wayne.


In a world that often prioritizes practicality over creativity, StudioV Wazen stands as a testament to the power of artistic expression. By providing a platform for both established and budding artists, Afro Plump is enriching the cultural tapestry of Fort Wayne.

For more information, follow her on Instagram @afroplump and @studiovwazen.

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