Former NBA Player Brings Hibachi-Style French Fries to Detroit  

 Spudz & Clucks has new menu options like wings and tenders, along with their staple French fry dishes served hibachi-style.  

Photo courtesy of Spudz & Clucks  


Mouthwatering images don’t do it justice.  

The fusion flavors of hibachi French fries are coming to Detroit after co-founder and former NBA player and Detroit native Malik Hairston and his partners recently opened their fast-casual food establishment, Spudz & Clucks.  

Located on the westside of Detroit, the minority-owned restaurant has flavorful fries and chicken sure to delight every palate.   

In addition to Hairston, his brother, Richard Hairston and Ty Haygood — under Haygood & Hairston Holdings — took the original chicken-and-fry idea and amplified the taste and experience with multicultural dishes inspired by American, Asian, Caribbean and Italian influences made with thoughtfully-sourced ingredients.  

“There’s so much excitement behind the launch of Spudz & Clucks. It is very rewarding to serve our customers with high-quality wings, hand-dipped chicken tenders and next-level loaded fries. We’ve worked non-stop with our team to develop the menu with flavors that will resonate well with chicken and fry fanatics,” Malik Hariston, former San Antonio Spurs forward and co-founder, said. “Beyond the culinary aspect and as a group of minority entrepreneurs, we are also striving to boost the number of minority-owned culinary businesses within our community.”  

Spudz & Clucks has many menu options like wings and tenders – purchased by the pound – layered in sauces or finishes including Blueberry BBQ, Apple BBQ and Spicy BBQ to Garlic Parmesan, Mango Habanero or Lemon Pepper.  

Co-owners of Spuds & Clucks Richard Hairston, left to right, Malik Hairston, Ty Haygood.    Photo courtesy of Spudz & Clucks     

The establishment also has its signature Samurai Fries, which are served Hibachi-style and added with the customer’s protein choice along with seasonal vegetables tossed in a garlic butter sauce. The menu also features fried cauliflower bites, hamburgers and chicken sandwiches including the Breakfast Butter Clucker, which introduces fried chicken tenders drizzled with honey butter sauce to a waffle tater tot bun.   

Malik Hairston told the Michigan Chronicle that he and his fellow co-founders pride themselves on being “innovative” while “pushing the envelope.”  

“So, we’ve put together a great team to help bring this dream to life, and the support has been overwhelming so far,” Malik Hairston said. “We’ve created an extensive menu that we’re all very proud of. … I think Detroit has a very underrated reputation as far as food goes. So, this is an opportunity for us to not only create for ourselves and our patrons but do something pretty special for the city.”   

Malik Hairston added that everything on the menu is delicious when asked what is his favorite dish.  

“We worked with our team tirelessly and created dishes with a very unique flavor profile,” he said. “We stand behind each dish. I can’t choose one, but if I had to choose two it would be The Bubba Chuck and The Godfather fry. Simply because I love Philly cheesesteaks and I love a good Alfredo pasta. The only way to enhance either of these is to set them on the French fry of your choice, and that’s exactly what we did.”  

He added that his customer base is a “little bit of everyone.”  

“We really took the time to make sure there was something on the menu for everyone who visits our restaurant. So, I think our target demographic is people that love good food,” he said, adding that the community showed love during their summer grand opening. “We were speechless at the support we garnered from family and friends. We’d also like to thank the community for welcoming us with open arms. Not only did they welcome us, but they also frequent the restaurant.”  

Malik Hairston added that the support was made greater by the support from his co-founders.  

“We’ve all been very supportive of each other’s individual endeavors throughout the years,” he said adding that their strong brotherhood and friendship turned into a partnership. “Aside from friendship, we find common ground on loving great food. This is one of many restaurants we plan to bring to this city. Next up we have a brunch spot we plan to bring to you guys. It’s called Mashbrowns. Please be on the lookout for it.”  

Spudz & Clucks is located at 18456 Grand River in Detroit and is available for delivery via DoorDash and Grubhub in the Detroit area. The hours of operation are Monday – Saturday: noon to 8 p.m. and Sundays: noon to 6 p.m.   


For additional information about Spudz & Clucks, please visit their website at 




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