Ford Halts Hybrid Work Model, Employees Remain at Home During Pandemic

Ford Motor Co. recently announced that the automotive company is temporarily holding off on the hybrid work model as the COVID-19 pandemic continues, FOX 2 reported.

The company reported that the initial hybrid model plan, unveiled in March, was to allow employees to remain working from home — however come into the office at times — for meetings and projects that have to be face to face, according to the article.

Ford employees who follow the hybrid work model have the option on the job to utilize company collaboration centers at the Ford Dearborn campus, according to the article.

The partial return to the office was stalled for non-site-dependent workers in North America and South America, and primarily International Market Groups until January 2022 at the soonest, according to the article.

Ford said it will stay vigilant on the state of the pandemic and look into ways employees can use the hybrid model, according to the article.

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