Federal Judge Postpones Ban

US-based TikTok fans can look forward to seeing the popular app in app stores, that is until they can’t.


A federal judge on Sunday temporarily halted an executive order made by the Trump administration banning the app from stores by night-end.


TikTok isn’t out of the woods just yet. 


The postponed ban will take place in early November.

The judge, Carl Nichols of the U.S District Court for the District of Columbia, will not delay the ban a second time.


Sunday morning’s emergency hearing helped bring upon the ban’s deferment. Tiktok’s lawyers, who insisted the government’s ban would hinder American citizen’s freedom of speech, are pleased with the federal decision.


“We’re pleased that the court agreed with our legal arguments and issued an injunction preventing the implementation of the TikTok app ban. We will continue defending our rights for the benefit of our community and employees.”


Lawyers for TikTok say the ban would do irreparable “economic and reputational harm” on the company. 


TikTok is working to solidify a deal with Oracle, an American-based company set to invest in the video sharing app. The investment would help ensure the app isn’t fully under the control of its China-based parent company, ByteDance. 


Trump declared the app a national security risk in August.  Daniel Schwei, Justice Department lawyer, said that China-based companies are not  secure. 


“This is the most immediate national security threat,” argued Schwei. “It is a threat today. It is a risk today and therefore it deserves to be addressed today even while other things are ongoing and playing out.”


Trump approved the deal contingent upon Oracle gaining full control over TikTok. 


The US Commerce Department fully backs the ban ordered by President Trump. 


“The government will comply with the injunction and has taken immediate steps to do so, but intends to vigorously defend the E.O. and the secretary’s implementation efforts from legal challenges.”


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