Federal Government Shutdown Adverted, Now What?

Leaders in Washington, D.C. were on the verge of a deadline to come up with a budget deal before a looming federal government shutdown Saturday. A government shutdown would have brought the country to an seemingly economic breaking point of stress and desperation, and a tightening labor market defined by inflation and striking workers

The last minute agreement passed overwhelming bipartisan support in the House and Senate. The bills were lated signed by President Joe Biden Saturday, a short-term measure that will keep the government open until November 17th.



There could’ve been some implications with the potential shutting down of national parks at airports with federal TSA agents, the closure of the IRS, SNAP benefits, and even food inspectors being furloughed. It had the potential to interrupt everyday life for everyday Detroit residents.

Republicans who control the House by a slim majority had pushed for across-the-board cuts and have argued that the government is spending too much as Washington continues to rack up substantial debt. The Democratic minority argued that additional funding is needed to sustain and bolster programs, many of which benefit Black people across the country.

So what will happen now as Congress will face another budget deadline next month?

The likely scenario of a projected negotiation from both political parties on how much to spend on what and all eyes being centered on DC as another close deadline will loom just before the Thanksgiving holiday. An agreement that won’t be easy to come by as a republican controlled House is embroiled in infighting to cut back on spending.


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