Faith and Fabric Softener: A Detroit Entrepreneur Finds Success Through Church Business Program

Constance Brooks, a Detroit-based entrepreneur, has embarked on an inspiring journey driven by unwavering faith, belief, and a steadfast commitment to her vision. As the creator of Cozie Fabric Softener Dryer Sheets, her innovative product has gained recognition and is now available in over 75 locations across Michigan and Ohio. However, what truly distinguishes Brooks is her profound dedication to her faith and the transformative experience she gained through her participation in the entrepreneurial program at Global Empowerment Ministries.

Arthur Cartwright, an esteemed mentor at Global Empowerment Ministries, played a significant role in shaping Brooks’ brand. Through the ministries’ entrepreneurial program, Brooks experienced a profound transformation that not only reaffirmed her faith but also provided her with invaluable tools for achieving success.

Commending the program’s unique approach, Brooks spoke highly of its flexible, self-paced learning style and the opportunity it offered to access weekly free grants. Undoubtedly, the guidance and support received from Arthur Cartwright and the entrepreneurial program have been instrumental in propelling Brooks toward her thriving entrepreneurial journey.

Cozie Dryer Sheets, with their enchanting fragrances, stood out among the giants like Bounce, Gain, and Downey, while also representing an achievement for minority-owned businesses. Cozie Dryer Sheets sets themselves from the competition being plant-based, hypoallergenic, and Brooks vision for her business that looks to impact the community of Detroit and beyond.

While Cozie continues to thrive, Constance’s vision extends beyond the success of her business; she wants to offer jobs to the formerly incarcerated, assisting them in getting back into the community, building stronger families and lowering the crime rate.
Constance Brooks’ story is a powerful testament to the strength of faith and determination. Her journey celebrates the indomitable spirit of a woman of color, making her dreams come true and transforming her community. Constance and Cozie Fabric Softener Dryer Sheets are pioneers of a legacy of hope, opportunity, and transformation in Detroit and beyond.

You can support Constance and Cozie Dryer Sheets in Detroit by visiting the following stores below and visiting their website at, and you can purchase the product in stores at the following retail locations in and around Detroit:

  1. Fresh Value Market Place- 25625 Joy Rd Dearborn Heights, 4812
  2. Super land Market- 17021 Schoolcraft Detroit, 48227
  3. Americana Foods- 15041 Plymouth Rd. Detroit, 48227

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