Eze Ejelonu 

Eze Ejelonu
Best Network Design and Associates, LLC

Eze Ejelonu is currently President of BND (Best Network Design and Associates, LLC). BND is an electrical union contractor that specializes in providing low voltage, security/access control, networking solutions and ITS (Intelligent Transportation Systems) services. Their customer base targets medium to large size commercial customers which include municipal, state and federal agencies. BND’S growth and sustainability can be heavily contributed to Eze’s leadership and hunger for success. Despite the 2020 global pandemic, BND has been able to secure millions of dollars’ worth of contracts. A few notable contracts include the new Wayne County Criminal Justice Center development and the Detroit Real-Time Crime Center expansion project.

Eze is also heavily involved in the community. In 2012, Eze co-founded Mission to Feed 3000.  Going into its 9th year, the program has grown to over 400 volunteers consistently. The program prepares and distributes 3000 plus meals to the less fortunate in Wayne County, Macomb County, Oakland County and Genesee County during the Christmas holiday. The initiative extends its efforts by adopting 50 plus families while providing each family with food, clothes, school supplies and scholarships. Mission to Feed 3000 is channeled through the Clarence E. Phillips Ascend Foundation. Notable sponsors include Walgreens, YAZAKI, Forgotten Harvest, Chik-Fil-A and Wal-Mart.

In addition to his community efforts, Eze has been involved in numerous speaking engagements at Detroit & Pontiac Public Schools. Not only does Eze inspire the youth, he reaches back to provide resources and guidance to his peers and former athletes who decide to travel down the path of entrepreneurship and investments.


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