Embrace The Natural You Now Sold at Zerbo's Health Foods

PRESS RELEASE - LOCAL EMBRACE THE NATURAL YOU  PRODUCTS  ZERBO'S HEALTH FOODS (1)Zerbo’s Health Foods, a premier local health food store, recently pickup up Embrace the Natural You, LLC, a local woman and minority owned product line for natural hair.

“This is a big step for us as we continue to grow. We have a successful online business and are currently sold in over five locations (with two in Michigan) across the United States and one location in Europe (France). Our goal is to be carried in 10+ stores nationally by the end of the year and 3+ internationally.”- Genevieve Anyiah – CEO / Founder

Embrace the Natural You’s multi-purpose lineup, which consists of 7 products, formulated and developed by a Detroit native, Genevieve M. Anyiah, is for all tresses whether you have waves, curls, spirals, kinks, coils, straight, relaxed or locs, etc. The line is primarily for hair with some items that can be used for the body and personal care! We chose each and every ingredient and worked with a team of testers consisting of family and friends to get the formulas just right! These products are sulfate free, mineral oil free, petrolatum free, and paraben free. There are no artificial colors, fillers, or unnecessary ingredients which make our line kid friendly.